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What if I have to cancel my event?

Unfortunately, as stated in our Event Information, our deposits are nonrefundable.

What are the responsibilities of the Day of Coordinator?

Conducts 30-minute rehearsal.

Reviews decor and instructions with bride after rehearsal.

Attends to bride in bridal suite prior to ceremony.

Coordinates wedding activities and reviews timeline with all vendors.

Guides couple through planned reception activities.

Tends to all of the couples needs and wishes.

Keeps bridal suite organized throughout event.

Assists couple when packing to leave.

Processes invoice payment.

Coordinates couple exit.

Ensures your special day is everything you want it to be.

What will I be charged for?

We do our best to provide value to our guests by not requiring food or beverage minimums during off-peak times. We also waive common fees for linens, chairs, and tables, etc. The only costs are for the event menu you choose, any alcohol offered, tax, service fee, room fee & processing fee.

What is the service fee/gratuity?

A minimum gratuity will be included on the invoice for all events. The minimum amount is determined by the staffing requirements for your event; the fee listed on your invoice will be the minimum gratuity or 20%, whichever is greater. During the planning process, we leave the 20% value in your estimate to allow you to compare the minimum gratuity with the 20% value. Once you provide your final guest count, we will provide an updated estimate that reflects the gratuity for which you will be charged.

What if someone else wants to book my date before I place my deposit?

If we receive a second inquiry for the same time and date, we will offer you the right of first refusal by giving you a 24-hour window to place your deposit. After this period, the date will be available to the first party to place their deposit.

How will my menu be served to my guests?

In the Private Dining Room, appetizers and desserts are served family-style, and salads and entrees are individually plated. Our staff will take your guests’ entrée orders at the beginning of your event.

In the Private Garden (for parties of 30 or more and at the restaurant’s discretion), we will serve your meal on food stations, which allows your guests to enjoy all of the items on your selected menu. Our food stations feature sterling silver platters and utensils, rustic wooden bowls, and bronze warmers.

If appetizers are included on your menu, these are served on a food station as guests arrive to allow time to order beverages and mingle before dinner.

For the main course, we ask guests to take their seats and we invite one table at a time so that guests won’t have to stand in line. The staff will serve your guests all of the items on your menu and our chef liaisons replenish the items throughout the meal so that all of the food is as fresh as possible and so no items run out. Meanwhile, we have staff refilling drinks and clearing away items as needed. (If you’d like the salad course individually plated we are happy to accommodate this request.)

To give your guests the opportunity to mingle in the space after dinner, we serve your desserts from a food station. If you prefer, we can serve the desserts family-style while guests are seated.

Where are restrooms located?

Restrooms are located inside the restaurant, across from the main restaurant bar. Our staff will direct your guests to the restrooms as needed during your event. The bridal suite offers a private restroom as well.

What hair stylists and makeup artists do you work with?

Please reach out to Jessica, our salon manager, for pricing and availability!

When can I come set up my décor? When are my guests allowed in the event space?

We invite hosts to place décor up to 30 minutes prior to your event start time in the Private Dining Room and up to one hour prior to your start time in the Private Garden, and our staff is happy to assist you with placing decor. The last hour of set up is crucial for the staff and they are moving quickly to ensure that everything is perfect for your event. For this reason, we ask that you help us deter your guests from coming into the space before the start time. We ask guests to wait in the restaurant lobby or at the restaurant bar until the event start time so that everything can be in place as they enter. Thanks in advance for your help with this!

How do I make a partial payment toward my event balance?

Please let us know the dollar amount you would like to pay and we will set up the payment option in your event portal. You can securely place your payment in your event portal by following the link included in each of our emails. Please scroll to the Payments section, select the appropriate box and follow the prompts.

How do I secure my event date once I am ready to book?

A deposit will confirm your event; this amount is deducted from the final bill or refunded to the original form of payment, whichever you prefer. The deposit amount is determined by your event type and your estimated guest count. You can securely place your deposit in your event portal by following the link included in each of our emails. Please scroll to the Payments section, select the Deposit box and follow the prompts.

What parking is available for my guests?

We provide valet service Tuesday-Sunday evening. We may schedule valet at other peak times; this will be done at our discretion.

We provide valet service Tuesday through Sunday in order to maximize our parking when the restaurant is open in addition to private events; our standard valet fee is $4 per vehicle. In addition to valet service in the main lot, there is a limited amount of self-parking in front of the restaurant and on the side street near the restaurant.

As the event host, you have the option to cover the valet fee for your guests. We average out the cost to $2 per person or $3 per person with gratuity included, as we assume that some guests will carpool or not drive at all. If you choose to cover your guests’ valet service, our staff will pass out tickets to your guests before they leave to give to the valet attendant with their valet ticket to alert the attendant that the host has taken care of their valet service for the evening.

Can I rent out the entire restaurant?

Absolutely! Here are the food & beverage minimums to do this:


Peak Season (March, April, May, June, September, October):

Monday- Thursday evening, Friday, day, Saturday brunch, Sunday evening- $8,000

Friday evening, Saturday evening, Sunday brunch- $12,000


Off-peak Season:

Monday- Thursday evening, Friday day, Saturday brunch, Sunday evening- $8,000                       

Friday evening, Saturday evening, Sunday brunch- $11,000                        

New Year’s Eve buyout- $14,000

Do you offer Event Insurance?

Yes, click here to purchase liability coverage for your event.