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Adopt a Healthcare Worker


During this difficult time, a wonderful way to show your appreciation is to offer a meal to our valued healthcare professionals. Wahoo! Grill is offering individual boxed lunches for $10 each, consisting of Chicken Salad and Hummus & Veggie sandwiches with chips & pasta salad, for healthcare workers at Emory Decatur Hospital, Emory University Hospital, and the Atlanta VA Hospital. You may specify a department, or allow the hospital to decide where the greatest need is. Wahoo! will contact the hospital and make the delivery. Lunches are available in quantities of 10. Please allow 48 hours notice.

Thank you for your support!

Compassion is contagious; we are grateful to these Wahoo! Angels who provided meals for local hospital healthcare workers.

Bill Dewalt & Steve Crofut

Shauna & Andy Greene

Josh Becker

Denyse Levesque

Christopher Dehmer

Kathleen Sullivan

The Bolton Family

Karen Sedatole

Linda Rocque

Chase Oliver

Emily Fagan

The Gossett Family

Mary Valente

Anne Emanuel

Amy Leventhal

Chris Collier

Denise Peterson

Kady Lyons

Glenda & Mark Oates

Pat Hiley

Jody & Ben Robinson

Meredith & Neil Struby


Boxed Lunches
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Lunch for 20
Lunch for 30
Lunch for 40
Lunch for 50

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